How To Find Your Signature Style ?



It’s basically your perfect every day, go-to outfit made up of classic pieces you feel comfortable and chic in.

A signature look is not (necessarily) about having to wear the same thing every day or having 30 identical pieces, like Mark Zuckerberg’s grey T-shirts. Sure, you can choose that as well, if that’s what you want to do, but for me, personal style is not only about functionality, but creativity and versatility as well. For building your own style, you have to try every new look on you. Be experimental. Visualize yourself in every kind of outfit. Understand your silhouette.

Each of us has a unique style of dressing. That we are most comfortable with. Sometimes people like experimenting and have two or three styles, and they enjoy wearing, none is better than the other, however!! Some are more appropriate in certain situations.

Styles’ women have prefer globally over years roughly following to 7 categories’

Romantic, Natural, Classic Traditional, Classic Elegant, High Fashion, Alluring, Creative.


Every individual has a dominant and signature style to understand your style you should ask these 7 questions to yourself.

1. What you value the most?

Femininity, Sophistication , Street style , High fashion or Couture wear.

Femininity - Feminine wardrobe items are form fitting clothing, dresses, pencil skirts, bows, puffy sleeves, pinks , sheer blouses, pearls, lace camisoles, Bralets , flouncy tea length skirts & dresses .The Ruffle, Frills, Twisted details and ruching. These elements are considered in this. In common language "girly stuff". Feminine style in fashion is all about defined waistlines, Heels, hand-bags & lipsticks. Its perfect styling for a fashion & arts student. They love to carry this style .Or people who encourage the femme beauty would also wear this.

Sophistication - A sophisticated woman is the one who is able to look presentable yet not over-the-top, classy without looking like brand ambassador of Prada. Lots of impeccable tailoring. It’s about a very clean, crisp and polished look. And that includes the hair style too. Dressing up appropriately for every occasion calls in sophistication. Whenever i thought a sophisticated styling, only ima