Since right after my Graduation from Fashion School, I want to start my blog to share my trick-tips about style and fashion. Especially for girls in their 20’s, or women who wants to look a like.

When I gather so much information about weblogs through my social life & my recent work experience .This blog has just been sitting here, finished, but I just never had the courage to click the publish button. Until I got one wake-up call from one of my good friends.

After following blogs since 2014 and always toying with the idea of starting my own, I’ve finally made the leap!! So, Hi all! I’m super excited to welcome you to my little corner of the internet, to my first blog post!!

For my first post, I’ll introduce myself. My name is Sapanjot Kaur Sira & people know me as Aris, I’m new here! For the sake of anonymity. & I’m professionally a Fashion Designer.

I’m hoping this space is a creative outlet for me as I share timeless style tips-tricks & my passion for fashion.