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  • Pattern Drafters

  • Cutters

  • Graders

  • Seamstresses

  • Design Assistants

  • Interns for Design and Communication

  • Personal Assistants

  • Web Developers

  • Sales Associates


Email your CV and Portfolio to with the subject heading of the position you wish to apply for. Must be in or have graduated from post-secondary in fashion or fashion-related programs.  All positions are for our Showroom based in Ludhiana, India.

While I and my mothers started out as a team of 3, designing and manufacturing products were happening in my room, today Dream couturier employees are around 20 (including tailors, master, karigars, Seamstresses, web developers, designers) who handcraft all the products. Most of them are housewives who work from home in their spare time. Working with DC has not just brought about financial independency in their lives, but has also revived their confidence in their talents! 

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